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Happy Scoop Nutritional Info

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Did you know?

• 95% of All Our Dairy Products come from Florida Cows.
• Aware Food Allergies Are Extremely Common.
• Help Our Guest Make Healthy Choices.
• Ask Us For A List of Gluten Free, Peanut & Egg Free Choices.
• Cross-Contamination May Occur.

ALL of our ice cream contains milk!
But we do offer several dairy-free alternatives!
Try our Sorbet and Italian Ice … lots of fruit & no milk!

MOST of our ice cream contains eggs!
You can go with Sorbet, sherbet, sugar-free ice cream or Italian ice to avoid the eggs.

MOST of our ice cream is gluten-free!
Ice cream itself is gluten-free but may have baked inclusions that contain gluten. Avoid any flavors with cookies, brownies, cheesecake or pie pieces in them. Also, avoid our cones, malts & animal cookie toppers.
Often the flavor name will indicate the presence of these items. Also, ask for a gluten-free cone, available in sugar & cake!

We work with peanut allergies!
Ask a Scoopologist to get a new scooper, and we will be more than happy to serve you that way to avoid any problems. But you have to LET US KNOW BEFORE we scoop your order!